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User agreement

This User Agreement (hereinafter Agreement) establishes the provisions in the interaction of the administration of the website (the Site) and the User (the User). Continuing to use the Site the User automatically accepts the provisions contained in the Agreement and agrees to comply with them. By agreeing to the provisions of Agreement the User automatically confirms that he has reached the age of majority.


The information posted on the Site is for informational purposes only and is not a call to action or a financial recommendation. The User uses the information posted on the Site at his own request and at his discretion.

The Administration is not responsible for the results of the use by the User of any information published on the Site including lost profits or other possible losses.

The Administration does not bear any responsibility for the information received by the user as a result of sending a message using an email, publication on social networks, messengers or the news section of the Site;

The Agreement shall enter into force from the moment the User opens the Site regardless of the actions performed by the User.

Risk warning

The Administration has implemented all the necessary measures to protect the investments of partners and their confidential information. However, the Administration is not responsible for the loss or leak of information due to hacking or other unauthorized reasons for which data may fall into the hands of third parties.

The Administration is not responsible for the publication of inaccurate or irrelevant information which has become such due to economic, political and similar changes.

Rights and obligations of users

User's rights

User has the right:

Use the Site to obtain the necessary information;

Use the Site to conduct financial activities: make financial transactions, calculations, make deposits, take part in promotions, withdraw profits and also receive referral rewards for purchases of partners;

Use the materials of the Site, such as a referral link and banners to advertise the Site on third-party sites in order to attract partners;

Contact support for more information or assistance;

Use the materials of the Site using the link leading to the Site, in order to advertise the activities of the Site or to disseminate news published on the Site.

User responsibilities

Periodically check this Agreement for changes in it;

Do not post on the site information that defames the honor and dignity of third parties, leads to incitement of ethnic or religious hatred, contains prohibited information, can be regarded as an insult to other users or the Administration;

Do not try to crack the structural code of the site and / or make attempts to harm the site, the information stored on it;

Do not disrupt the Site operating;

Do not use programs for the automated collection of information and / or interaction with the Site;

Do not use third-party programs to collect confidential information of Users or gain access to their accounts;

Do not abuse the functionality provided by the Site;

Use one account to use the Site;

Do not use third-party sites to artificially increase the number of accounts registered using the referral link.

Rights and obligations of the administration

Rights of the Administration:

The Administration has the right:

At any time add, delete or modify any provisions of this Agreement without informing Users about the change;

Allow or limit access to any section on the Site;

Use the personal information of Users to improve the quality of the service provided;

Create, update, edit or delete information.

Responsibilities of the Administration:

Maintain the Site, unless it is impossible for reasons beyond the control of the Administration;

Evaluate the personal data provided by the User as confidential information and not disclose it to third parties.

Do not disclose personal information provided by Users.

Intellectual property protection

All information published on the Website and in social networks and messengers of the Administration, belong to the Administration.